Version Lens raises €1.5M to build the world's first co-pilot for product managers

The Stockholm-based company Version Lens has just raised a pre-seed round to transform the future of product teams with their co-pilot for product managers.

In recent years, we’ve seen lots of new tools dedicated to make work smarter and improve performance across company functions. DevOps has for long been a must-have and in the last few years, RevOps has become an important enabler for commercial teams to accelerate, scale, and focus on the right things.

Despite this, there’s been a gap when it comes to tools built for product managers.This means product teams, especially product managers, end up spending too much time on tasks that don’t contribute to the core of their job.

“Product development is the heart of any company, making it hard to understand why we haven’t seen the same rise of solutions dedicated to enabling product teams.After all, anyone who’s been part of a product team knows that way too little time goes into building and too much into putting out fires, endless Slackthreads, stand-ups, and maintaining an ever-growing backlog.” –  Fredrik Stockman, Co-Founder and CEO at VersionLens

Frederik,Pascal, and Pontus, the founders of Version Lens, have all experienced these struggles firsthand throughout their careers while building companies such as Krea, Virkesbörsen, and Freebee. Inspired by their experiences, Version Lens is building the world’s first co-pilot for product managers. The tool is all aboutProduct Operations, making work easier by automating and streamlining tasks, extracting valuable insights from existing data, and empowering productmanagers to focus on innovation and strategic planning instead of overhead.

VersionLens has just secured €1.5m in pre-seed funding led by People Ventures (Uniify, Proemial, Onomondo), AI investor Curiosity (Strise, Deeploy, Dreamdata), and early-stage fund Pitchdrive (founders behind Rydoo and Netlog). The funding will be dedicated to supercharging their product roadmap and launch features throughout this spring. The team stands at the forefront of a shift toward greater efficiency and innovation in product management. It's now time for product managers to focus on the aspects of their role that generate real impact, not just managing overhead tasks.

About Version Lens

Founded with the vision to empower product teams with effective tools, Version Lens is building the world’s first co-pilot for Product Managers. Automating and streamlining overhead tasks, enabling new insight from existing data and supercharging product managers to focus on innovation, not overhead.

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