Curiosity leads investment in AI startup Epicbrief for sales workflow automation

Finnish startup Epicbrief has raised €1 million in pre-seed funding to revolutionize the work of sales professionals worldwide. Dutch VC firm Curiosity led the funding round, with participation from Finnish investor Superhero Capital. Epicbrief offers an AI-powered platform that automates administrative tasks for sales professionals and streamlines the sales process.

For the past 20 years, sales teams have faced persistent challenges. On average, 70% of their time is spent on administrative tasks, most sales teams are under 50% in quota attainment, and most sales reps have less than 2 years in tenure, resulting in high turnover rates. The current economic downturn has only increased expectations for both sales reps and their managers.

To tackle these recurring challenges and ease the stress imposed on sales teams, Miro Putkonen, Pyry Takala, and Anton Dobrzhanskiy founded Epicbrief. With its AI-powered solution, Epicbrief aims to automate many of the administrative tasks sales reps face daily. Sales teams can use the advanced technology to transform sales conversations into clear, objective summaries within seconds, enabling them to focus on more strategic tasks and increasing overall productivity. The platform's easy-to-understand summaries also promote better communication and collaboration among team members and stakeholders.

Epicbrief's integration into various video conferencing tools and CRM systems allows automatic filling in CRM fields. This feature enables sales professionals to track, analyze, and use data from meetings to make informed decisions that lead to success.

Miro, the CEO of Epicbrief, says, "We believe that AI presents a massive opportunity to completely transform the work of sales professionals. By automating administrative tasks, we’re enabling them to focus on what really matters: building relationships, closing deals, and achieving their quotas. As a start, we focus on automating sales call summaries and action plans and provide easy-to-use tools for collaboration and communication to make sales organizations more productive and make better-informed decisions. In the long term, we're looking to expand towards automation across the whole sales workflow. We're grateful for the support of our early users and investors and excited to continue developing our platform to make the human work in sales easier, more meaningful, and more valuable.”

Epicbrief's platform is currently being used by an exclusive group of top-performing sales professionals who have been selected to participate in the beta program. The startup aims to optimize its platform continuously based on user feedback and rapidly expand its user base in the upcoming months. 

Curiosity, a Dutch venture capital fund focused on seed-stage investments in AI startups in Northern Europe, led the funding round. Superhero Capital from Finland and an angel investor also participated. "We are incredibly excited to join forces with Epicbrief on their mission to redefine the sales workflow," says Herman Kienhuis, Managing Partner at Curiosity. "Their founders' deep understanding of sales challenges, combined with the groundbreaking potential of new generative AI technologies, positions them well to support sales teams in transforming their work and boosting their performance."

See a sneak preview of their application here:

About Epicbrief

Epicbrief is a Finnish technology company founded in 2022 by Miro Putkonen, Pyry Takala and Anton Dobrzhanskiy to make human work in sales more meaningful and valuable. Epicbrief automates various administrative tasks, including summarizing sales conversations, updating CRM fields, and seamlessly integrates into sales rep’s daily workflow. By using Epicbrief, sales teams can increase efficiency, improve collaboration, and concentrate on high-impact tasks, ultimately leading to better decision-making and higher close rates. For additional information, visit or contact


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